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Letters to the editor of The Hollywood Star



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Letters. Did we get letters? What a ridiculous question.

From "Squeaky" Fromme who died 2009.
A Manson family member who tried to kill President Ford

We didn't expect our LETTERS TO THE EDITOR to become one of the strongest parts of the paper, but it was.

Naturally, when you go to press you have people writing you with comments, suggestions, questions and criticisms. I had a ball with them and would give an answer as crazy as the questions that were being asked. The following, in my opinion, are some of the better ones.
Dear Bill: There is a definite need for the type of paper you publish. It's amusing and truthful. When you published the article regarding George Hamilton's girlfriend, who was undergoing a sex change operation, you had mother and I laughing in hysterics. Your blunt reporting is refreshing. Bill, I keep a copy of your paper as my friends are always hounding me for it. They love it.- Walter Weiner, Jr. St. Paul, Minnesota

Dakota: It's obvious from reading your Joyce Haber and Rex Reed interviews (Issue #8) that you are slick with your taped conversations. You casually went from the weather in New York, to the real "nitty gritty," although Rex was hesitant to say too much in the beginning. Was this the first time you ever talked with them?- J.R. Hollywood

EDITOR: Yes, the first time but hopefully not the last.

Dear Mr. Dakota: You're twisted, warped, depraved, wicked and perverted!!! Sick and rotten to the core. I like this in a person, don't you? - Eva, Side Show Bar- Hollywood

Dear Dakota: Just read about your latest account in James Bacon's column. I sure think it's nice the way Jim Bacon keeps plugging you in his column. I told you he was the greatest. -Teddy Williams - Hollywood

EDITOR: Mohammad Ali says he's the greatest, but Bacon is a good guy to be commended for his taste-smile!

Dear Dakota: Love your paper. keep up the good work. Could you tell me what Gabe Kaplan's problem is. He's such an asshole to his fans, - Leo Goldsmith - Burbank

EDITOR: I suppose his problem is that he's an asshole to his fans. He's leaving the boob-tube too.

Your rag is irresponsible and sickening. What do you think about that?

EDITOR: "Call me unreliable........"

I re-read the Hollywood Star to make sure I'm reading what I am reading. Wow, you make other writers look dull.

EDITOR: They are dull.

Your paper is really different but it will be difficult for a collector to save them. Can you come up with any ideas?

EDITOR: Yes. Don't save them, burn them. Seriously though. We plan on a glossy magazine that is much needed in filmland on the stars.

Dear Mr. Dakota: I thoroughly enjoy your paper and always read it and that's saying a lot because I don't usually read Hollywood gossip papers. Thank you for your honesty.

I really enjoy the HOLLYWOOD STAR, keep it up. - Carl Campbell - Vacaville, Cal.

EDITOR: It's hard to get it up but when we do, it always stays up.

Please send me a copy of your paper to see as soon as possible.
Lynn Fromme #6075 , 808 Union Street, San Diego, California 92101

EDITOR: Lynn Fromme is the convicted gal who tried to shoot President Ford in San Francisco. She was in the Manson family.

Question: Even though Elvis was bisexual (I knew it too), why did you have to print it?

Answer: Because it was news to a lot of people. We didn't intend to berate him but to inform the public of his sexual preferences. Face it. People are interested.

You filthy people. Any time I see a book or paper with the name Elvis on it, I buy it. I didn't know what I had until I got home. I have loved him from the first time I saw him. I am 63 years old and I intend to tell all the people I know, not to buy any magazine by you. How could you print such rotten things? If I ever get close to any of you I will hit you with a board so hard it will take you a year to get back. He is the sweetest thing God ever put on earth. So is Robert Mitchum. I have thousand of dollars of Elvis things. If I ever see your filth in the stores, I'll destroy it and gladly pay the amount it costs. - E. Owens, Connorsville, Indiana

EDITOR: What we print is the truth, Elvis was bisexual as well as a doper. The latter being the worst of the two. You're infatuated with a legend. And you're blind to the truth. I will gladly send you several thousand copies of that issue, if you want to destroy them and PAY FOR THEM.-smile!

Dear Friend: Being among Elvis Presley's most ardent fans & collectors, I am utmost interested in a copy of your HOLLYWOOD STAR MAGAZINE Vol. 1 No. 1, in which you feature a topic on Elvis's bisexual life. A copy of this magazine would be a treasured part in my already immense collection of Elvis memorabilia from 1956 onwards.- Eric Vierol, Erika Nissens, Oslo 4, Norway

EDITOR: A copy of the magazine is on the way.

Dear Bill: Let's knock off the bullshit. Your exclusive gossip is shit. The "Star" sells for one reason, you tell us the cock sizes of the stars. Nobody else does and everyone wants to know, all women, (who want to fuck the stars) all fags (for the same reason), and most straight men who want to see how they measure up. So, why not print cock sizes for all the men you write about (when you have them)? You could just add it to their names with no further comment, like HUGH HEFNER 8", JACK LEMMON 6 1/2", FRANK SINATRA 6", DEAN MARTIN 7", DAVID LETTERMAN 9", JOHN WAYNE 4 1/2", JOHNNY MATHIS 6", ED ASNERr 6", etc. (These are the ones I know about). Also, once and for all, how hung was Jimmy Dean? - Phil Aklan - Hollywood

EDITOR" John Wayne 4 1/2"???? Ava Gardner said Frank was hung like a horse!

Q: Whatever happened to ANDREW STEVENS? I think he is a real good actor.

A: He's under contract to Universal and Universal contract players have a way of getting lost. He when he married KATE JACKSON and will be news when he divorces her (he did). The guy is indeed, talented, sexy, and handsome with a hot bod. But, he is under exposed on the big screen. I could watch him for hours (next to me in bed).

During the making of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, I was privileged to see Nicholas Hammond (Spider Man?). We were at a urinal. For a young kid he was well built, (It was hard) & circumcized. Also saw JEFFREY HUNTER. Yes he was circumcised and quite small. How about Greg Evigan, John Schneider, Greg Harrison and the sports world, Steve Garvey, Mark Spitz could also be on the list of who is.- Mark Kelley - Los Angeles.

(EDITOR: I Guess the who is and who isn't, is on our list of who is and who isn't circumcised.)
EDITOR: Christ, I have more to do than to look at movie stars cocks to see if they are or aren't circumcised. When we get the info, we will print it. By, the way, John Schneider is!

Dear Dakota: What happened to you? I didn't see the word fuck, once in the last issue. I can't believe it.
S. O'Shay - Cleveland, Ohio

EDITOR: Well, there must be one.......fuck there somewhere (I'm sure).

Dear Dakota: I'd like to know why you continue with the Hollywood Star newspaper. Do you really think it has social redeeming value?- Barbara Kosh, Des Moines, Iowa

Editor: Yes I do and so do you or you wouldn't be buying it-smile!

Dear Bill: I'm a neighbor of yours and didn't know you were Bill Dakota! You really surprised me. I expected a dirty old man.

Dakota: What you see is what you get....a dirty old man.

Dear Bill: In JOYCE HABER's book "THE USERS," did she tell the truth?
Bob Smock, Lansing, Michigan

Joyce told me that the last orgy scene was made-up but felt it must have happened at one time or another in Hollywood. The publisher's desired an additional orgy scene and she wrote one.

Dear Bill Dakota: You are too fucking much for words.

Dakota: You mean I'm fucking too much for words.

Dear Editor: I found part II of your paper in the trash can and really got off on it. I love it. Keep it up. -Unsigned, Corpus Christie, Texas

Dakota: Well, at least part of the paper must have been good enough for the owner to keep. If you liked part II you should have seen part I. Check out the bird-cage paper when they change it. Maybe part I is there! -smile!

Dear Editor: I just bought TAB HUNTER SAYS I'M HOMOSEXUAL at a San Francisco airport. Are you still in business? A potential subscriber - Detroit.

Yes, we are still in business..and so is Tab Hunter. Those old papers are overprints of issue #2.

Dear Dakota: In one issue you implied that Governor Jerry Brown was homosexual. What did you base that information on?
Gayle Wagner
Sacramento, California

Dakota: INFORMERS. I heard that a Moroccan boy was a steady of the Gov., but the Governor is not a movie celebrity and therefore shouldn't be in this paper, unless he marries Linda Ronstadt.

Dear sirs: As I live and breathe, you're back in business.

EDITOR: Well as I live and breathe and you live and breathe, we both breathe together. Ain't that the best way? And this was in reference to issue #9, then we died again but now we are REBORN!

Was Sal Mineo homosexual?

Yes, and his porn collection was unbelievable. The murderer, in the beginning, was believed to have been one of his male lovers. Police had phone tips from around the world. We also ran a story, which we believed to be true (SAL MINEO'S KILLER IS KNOWN), stating his murderer was an ex-lover. We believed our informant to be telling the truth. Police investigations led to the fact that the girl informant had given us a phony name and in all probability made up the story. The gal is also the informant who told us she was a nurse and had witnessed the artifical insemination of RICHARD THOMAS's wife at a clinic in Westwood. If that story was false, we apologize to Richard and his wife. Only they or the doctor know the real truth. We do research our stories as thoroughly as possible. We do occasionally fuck up. In the future we will be using voice "stress analyzers" for all of our gossip.

Q. I heard you were kicked out of Universal Studios. Is it true? Tell us the truth.

A. Fuck you (only kidding).
Well, yes and no. How'd you hear about it? I was supposed to have had a pass through the foreign press publicity department but the bitch who was supposed to make out the pass for me..didn't. The guard let me through the gate without a pass, because I had an appointment to get press material on AIRPORT CONCORDE '79, which stars my favorite actor of all time, ALAIN DELON. When I reached the publicity office I introduced myself and was asked how I got in? I said I was supposed to have had a pass and the guard let me in. The bitch then said, "Well, you don't have one and you are barred from the lot." Well, this pissed me off since she had told me over the phone that there would be a pass for me. And a Candle-Up-the-Ass award to that gal at Universal. May her pussy turn to stone and her dildo unable to get inside. But, I did get on the set, talked to Alain and he autographed a photo for me before I left the lot.

Dear Editors: How could you state that MERV GRIFFIN was homosexual?

Dakota: We only printed it. We didn't say it. MICHAEL KEARNS ("THE HAPPY HUSTLER") was quoted from our interview with him. Kearns said a friend of his (via a male call-boy service), said he had serviced Merv, or visa-versa. HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD.

Dakota: We had to print the following letter. It is unedited and exactly as we received it.

Bill: The writing will be poorly written. But writing is not my specialty. I read your column for the first time because I am from out of town. But it is excellent. But are you like this person in dailey life? I am going to cut you in on the ground floor of my career. I am the best looking guy in Hollywood today, no doubt. Warren Beatty is ruff competition. But I snart good looking probaby (?) The all round superstr that came along one in 200 million. I am 6', 2", 175 lbs., black hair, hazel eyes. Now if act quick send some one over here right get a look at me. It will be a lost to both tv and me if we don't find each other. With your help I can make it. I am writing this because I think you not to big to write off a prospect like this. Next step will probably be a male hooker if you let me down. I will make it one way or the other. Don't blew this chance.
R.S.V.P. Tim Eubank, Scandia Motel, 4120 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood 90046

Dakota: In all reality, I sympathize with Tim. Too many people see a movie, become star struck and end up here thinking they will be discovered and become Superstars over night. It just doesn't happen. There's too many real talented people here who are unemployed. Enjoy the movies, but from the audience. Don't waste your life in false dreams. Unless you are a Marilyn Monroe or an extremely talented person, in addition to looks, personality and intelligence, stay home. Hollywood is full of prostitutes, pimps. and whores, who came to get into pictures and ended up living on the street. The police crack down on vice is increasing and you should think twice before moving here. Maybe a short trip would change your mind about becoming a movie star.

(Reminds me of a joke. They say that stars are made overnight and that is how some are made..."over night!")

Well, you get the picture of what our Letters to the Editor section was like.

( Dakota reflects back.